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Regarding Ryan Miller to the Pittsburgh Penguins

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millerToday I wanted to touch base on a rumor that has been floating out in hockey land for a while.

Ryan Miller to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

I would like to be the first to say that this makes no sense and will never happen, so don’t concern yourselves with this silly speculation.



1. There is no place for him. The Penguins organization has stated that Marc-Andre Fleury is not going anywhere and that he will remain the starter. Even if MAF was not going to remain the big boy in town, Tomas Vokoun is still here and can easily fill the role that Miller would.

2. They wouldn’t part with any key pieces for him. While the asking price for Miller wouldn’t be what it once could have been, it still would be higher than the Penguins would be willing to part with.

3. Ray Shero has bigger fish to fry. Despite Fleury’s poor play early in the playoffs, the Penguins didn’t get ousted by the Bruins or out worked by the Islanders because of goaltending. Shero has a lot of work in front of him during this short offseason, and goaltending is the least of his worries.

To the point, it aint going to happen. Let us worry about names like Letang, Dupuis, and Iginla and let someone else worry about Ryan Miller.

Truth be told, with his recent antics would you want him wearing black and gold?

Hey, that rhymed!

Greg Thornberry

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